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Palamedes may refer to: 2456 Palamedes, an asteroid Palamedes Greek mythology, the son of Nauplius in Greek mythology Palamedes Arthurian legend, a Saracen Knight of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend Palamedes romance, a 13th-century French Arthurian romance named after the knight Palamedes video game, a 1990 video game


Maikei Ngaakpa Lai

A Maikei Ngaakpa Lai is a member of the Guardian deities of the ten directions in Meitei mythology and religion. The foremost of them are Marjing, Thangjing, Koubru and Wangbren.


List of characters in the Khamba Thoibi

Khamba Thoibi is one of the longest epic poetry in the world. It was composed by Hijam Anganghal. The most important characters of the Khamba Thoibi can be said to include: Thangching, Khuman Khamba, Moirang Thoibi and Nongban. Other significant characters include Khamnu, Kabui Salang Maiba, Iwang Puriklai Chingkhu Telheiba, Chingkhu Akhuba, Khuman Puremba, Ngangkhaleima, Senu and Soura. Deities mentioned in the epic include Koiren Leima, Panthoibi, Khuman Apokpa.


ⓘ Legend

Legends are stories in oral tradition and a narrative of human actions. They are usually old but are believed to have taken place within human history. Legends are often passed on by word-of-mouth. Legends have often been transformed over time to keep them realistic.

The word is also used for famous or historically significant people, places, art, etc. We sometimes say of someone who is extremely famous that they are a "legend" or "of legendary fame".

Examples of legends are Ali Baba, the Fountain of Youth, Paul Bunyan, Kraken, Atlantis, the Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot. Some legends are stories about real people; others are not. Odysseus and Robin Hood for example may have been real but most the stories about them are definitely fiction.

For some places, legends are the earliest history. For example, the origin of ancient Rome is known only from legends, as are the earliest dynasties in the history of China.

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