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Hut may refer to: Hans Hut 1490–1527, Anabaptist leader Hut dwelling, a small and basic shelter Nissen hut, used in World War I and World War II Mountain hut, a building used as temporary shelter in mountain areas Pizza Hut, a fast-food chain Quonset hut, used in World War II Hut Records, an English record label

Fast food

ⓘ Fast food

Fast food is the term for a kind of food that people eat from a restaurant, cafe or take-out where food is prepared and served quickly.

It is mass-produced food. It is often pre-prepared and delivered to the shop ready for frying or boiling. There is a strong priority on "speed of service".

The restaurants that sell fast food are called "fast food shops" or "fast food restaurants". Some of the more common fast food restaurants are McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Taco Bell, and KFC. All these chains have a limited short menu, and serve the same kind of food in all their outlets. The shops are subcontracted by the supplying company, and tied absolutely by contract to that single supplier. However, the same kind of criticism could be and is directed at some other kinds of restaurants. The problem is seen by many critics as being one of over-eating, rather than one of the specific food types.


1. Criticism

When a lot of fast food is eaten, it may cause health problems and complications, such as high cholesterol, clogged arteries, diabetes, obesity, and death.

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