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Shake may refer to: Tremor, muscles moving without control Hand shake, a common social greeting in some cultures Milk shake, a drink usually made from milk and ice cream


Sura (disambiguation)

Sura can refer to: Sura Saenkham Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, a research facility in Russia Sura, Penza Oblast, an urban-type settlement in Penza Oblast, Russia Calf muscle SURA, the Southeastern Universities Research Association Sura River, a river in Russia Sura city, a city in ancient Babylonia Sura is a meal set of dishes, soup and dessert for king in ancient Korea Sura, Arabic word which means to ascend and Arabic name of graphic designer Sura Design Sura drink In Hindi indicates an intoxicating drink. Publius Cornelius Lentulus Sura Sura, Arkhangelsk Oblast, a vill ...



The word palm can mean: Palm unit, a unit of length Palm OS, an operating system made by Palm, Inc. Palm reading, a form of telling the future by looking at the lines and structure of the human hand The central region of the human hand A palm branch, a branch of a palm, as a symbol for various things Palm, Inc., a maker of portable computers Different plants: Arecaceae Palm trees, Cycadaceae Sago palm, Heliconiaceae Travellers palm Palm wine, a drink made from the sap of a palm


Monster (disambiguation)

A monster is often a type of creature. The term monster can also mean: Monster Energy, an energy drink Monster truck, a pickup truck with extra large tires and suspension Monster, South Holland, a town in the Netherlands Monster movie, a 2003 movie starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci



A trough is a box-like drinking vessel for farm animals. Other senses of the word refer to things that are lower than their surroundings, like a trough: in chemistry it can be a Langmuir Blodgett Trough Trough physics a trough is also a noticeable and statistically recordable decline in an economy or graph. Trough meteorology; Trough geology; See also trow.


ⓘ Drink

A drink or beverage is a liquid that an organism can take into their body, by using their mouth. Typical drinks for humans include water, tea, milk, coffee, juice, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

All drinks are mainly water. All life needs water to live. If a living organism dont get enough water, they will dehydrate, and likely die. Plants take in water through their roots, which are underground. Most land animals get water by drinking.

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