ⓘ Kuiper belt



KBO can mean: Keep the Bastards Out, a fictional organization invented and promoted by Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Emmett Watson Keep Buggering On, a catchphrase used by Winston Churchill Korea Baseball Organization KBO!, a hardcore punk band from Serbia Kuiper Belt object

Kuiper belt

ⓘ Kuiper belt

The Kuiper belt is an area of the Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune to 50 AU from the Sun.

The objects within the Kuiper Belt together with the members of the scattered disk beyond, are together called trans-Neptunian.

Many objects such as dwarf planets in the Kuiper belt are much bigger than the ones in the asteroid belt and are round. At least some Kuiper belt objects are icebound.

The first objects in the Kuiper belt to be found were Pluto and Charon moon but the belt was only identified and named in 1992 when more Kuiper belt objects KBOs were found. A few thousand have since been discovered and more than 70.000 KBOs over 100 km 62 mi in diameter are thought to exist.

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