ⓘ Lists of astronomical objects

Lists of astronomical objects

ⓘ Lists of astronomical objects

This is a partial list of the various lists of astronomical objects which either exist, or should exist, in Wikipedia.

  • List of exoplanets
  • List of planetary moons
  • List of planets
  • List of nearest stars
  • List of stars
  • List of brightest stars
  • List of asteroids
  • List of trans-Neptunian objects
  • List of comets
  • Minor planets
  • List of semiregular variable stars
  • List of gamma-ray bursters
  • List of quasars
  • List of black holes
  • List of traditional star names
  • List of blazars
  • List of globular clusters
  • List of galaxies
  • List of nearest galaxies
  • List of stars with confirmed extrasolar planets
  • List of pulsars
  • List of variable stars
  • List of satellites of the Milky Way
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