ⓘ Oral tradition


Haji Qadir Koyi

Haji Qadir Koyi was a Kurdish poet and mullah. He tried to help the growth of nationalism among the Kurds with his writing. He wrote that Kurds should develop literature and newspapers in the Kurdish language. Kurds, he wrote, should write down their oral traditions and their ballads. Koyi thought that literature and political power were both important for the Kurds to develop a state.

Oral tradition

ⓘ Oral tradition

An oral tradition or oral culture is a way of transmitting history, literature or law from one generation to the next, without a writing system, by voice. People tell stories. Often the stories are made into poems and songs to make remembering easy. For example, the Homeric poetry of the Iliad and the Odyssey combined oral literature and oral history. Eventually they were written down.


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